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 At present, network radios are used in maximum numbers and the main drawback is signal coverage and it make quite difficult. There are several network radios manufactures are available, but Professional radio manufacturers are sometimes not the best at designing Network Radios, then not all makers of Network Radios are the best at producing professional two-way radios! Boxchip is a leading global manufacture of intelligent communications. We are committed to using technology to change the relationship between people and tech.

Boxchip has more than ten years of experience in the field of communication and we clearly known about communication device. The cell phone signals are getting weak in certain areas similarly DMR networks that are digital media radio they do not have access on video messaging and image. In order to overcome this Boxchip produce device combined with phone network and DMR network. The device allows the users to switch enormously between mobile phones and DMR to get best coverage.

Boxchip latest model S900A Plus LTE+DMR multimode radio is a great success of the all in one technology---always connected DMR: Full compatibility with Motorola/Hytera Push to talk platform and also allows access to the Bandmaster via IP. Users don't need to take multiple devices in any cases, just one smart terminal is ok. It's the product of the age and the trend of the time. For more features, please review our website or contact us via

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