BPS Setup Package for S900 Series


BPS Setup Package - this is a Boxchip tool software sets, it is composed of a Boxchip Program Software (BPS.exe), a DMR Apk for Android (BiMR at "/adb/boxchip_bimr_vx.y.zz.apk"), a DMR Firmware Recovery Apk (BiUp at "/adb/boxchip_biup.vx.y.zz.apk"), a DMR Firmware Binary File (at "/default/C200-Rxx.yy.zzz.bin"), an USB/ADB Driver Sets for Windows, a brief User's Guide and Release Note file.

V5.1.0 (Light Color Theme, With A Series Support)

Release Notes

V5.0.55 (Dark Color Theme, With A Series Support)

V5.0.55 Release Notes

V4.3.20 (With PoC Service Support)

V4.3.20 Release Notes


V3.4.42 Release Notes

Quick Start Manual

DMR Install/Update/Recovery Instruction

Video for Reference


For BrandMeister User, please download Amateur Network Access Permission File here and follow the instruction to enable this feature.

Amateur Network Access Permission File

Enable Amateur Network Access Instruction

Video for Opearation


 Android Firmware Build for S900 Series


We suggest you upgrade safely Andriod Firmware Build by FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air) , please contact your support for FOTA now.

If you want to upgrade Android Firmware Build by manual, please follow these instruction

Android Firmware Build Upgrade User Instruction

Android Firmware Build Upgrade Video