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We are living in an era of technology developing at full speed and our lives are complete information. The demanding for quality life is increasing with each passing day, especially in security, whether indoors or outdoors, which means that the efficiency of communication is becoming more and more intense.
So what Boxchip can do for this?
That's it, Boxchip is focusing on doing smart mission-critical communication.

What is smart mission critical communication?

Now people want radios with more features like video ,picture transfer, more cover like unlimited distance. They want to work with different applications. When people enjoy the experience of the effective applications by Push to talk over cellular, however the needs for mission-critical communication has never changed. That is what we are calling the smart emergency communication when two- way technology combines the two needs.

With the increasingly competitive pressure of this era, Boxchip is always keeping the vision in mind to make perfect communication solutions. As we all know that, the First Communication Device was Two-Way Radios and still, it is much more reliable than other communication mediums. And when it comes to safety and reliability always go for Two-Way Radios. We are committed to using technology to change the relationship between people and technologies. Our goal is to achieve more humane and more valuable products for meeting the needs of the times. Boxchip products are reliable for any difficult situations.

Boxchip S900A Plus LTE+DMR multimode radio---always connected DMR: Full compatibility with Motorola/Hytera Push to talk platform: Support all Push to talk platforms, Works perfectly with.

Zello,Tassta,Eschat,Mobiletornado,Walkiefleet,Teamspeaker3, proptt2..., and it's a great success that the S900A Plus allows access to the #BrandMeister via IP.
Where ever you go your BOXCHIP performs to connect you to the world and beyond.

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