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What's the advantages of  Boxchip All in One Radio vs Smart phone?

What makes a Boxchip radio so different from a Smartphone? After all they can do so many things in a similar way. While your smartphone is made primarily for phones calls and texting, a Boxchip, while it can do that, does so much more! 

Your Boxchip is made to look, feel and operate like a proper two-way radio. It has the all-important PTT button, which phones do not usually have. This is because we designed it as a radio device first, and, like a radio system, it can be adapted to private or closed system uses.

The PTT key on your Boxchip is designed for long-life yet not to be too tiresome for your thumb. A dedicated SOS button is provided for emergency use. You will even find a programmable knob which you could press into service for changing talk groups, for example, or other uses. There is also a large LED light and yes, that’s programmable too!

A very loud 2W speaker is provided so you can hear your contacts, without need for headphones, even in the loudest work environments; this is coupled with an anti-interference and noise-reducing microphone, for clear bright comes at all times.

Your Boxchip comes with a large capacity swappable battery, unlike most phones, and it will outlast the typical smartphone easily. And, being replaceable, even if you did run out of power, you can simply and quickly pop a new battery in for yet more up-time.

Boxchip supplies a docking charger with the device, so all you need to do is drop it into its stand at any time to start a fresh charge - just like a traditional Walkie-Talkie! Even an M6 port is provided - this supports Motorola standard external Microphones with screw-in protection.

Still think Boxchip and Mobile Phones are the same? 

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