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There numbers of unlicensed radio enthusiasts, licensed amateur radio operators and business users are growing in this age of accelerating technology, they make good use of network radio equipment to communicate around the world.

Boxchip currently available Network Radios use the Android Operating System allowing easy installation and use of many Android Applications including 2-way simplex communications APPs such as Zello, ProPTT2, RealPTT, BroadNet, WePTT, WalkieFleet, Tassta that provides users with easy to operate Global simplex communications. And our network radios can also be used with Bluetooth headsets, speaker mics, earpieces, and other peripherals.

Although You will hear some people stating that network radios are 'not real radio' or 'not using RF', they are indeed mistaken. The truth is that Network Radios are 'not HAM radios' as they do not operate on frequencies allocated for licensed amateur operation and fall outside the scope of Amateur Radio licensing but they are real radio communications devices that do use RF.

Network radios are effectively for the end users as they do not require a license to operate these devices on mobile networks or Wi-Fi connections as the bands of radio spectrum used for mobile network communications are licensed by the network infrastructure owners/network operators and Wi-Fi connections use license exempt 'ISM band' frequencies.

And Boxchip also have hybrid Network Radios devices that include a VHF and/or UHF radio module which the model name is S900A. Including two versions: UHF 400-480mhz or VHF 136-174mhz.

Network Radio devices operate by transmitting and receiving very low power radio frequency energy propagated through free space to connect to RF equipment located at mobile phone cell tower sites using GSM/2G/3G/4G/LTE/WCDMA radio communications modes/protocols.

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