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Network Radio began gaining some interest as an amateur radio format about a year ago. During the past year Network Radio has gained popularity with Amateur Radio operator as well as with radio hobbyist in general. The most popular aspect of Network Radio has been based around Zello ( using their mobile phone apps for IOS and Android. Basically radio Zello is an VOIP service with a push to talk feature that can be used over WiFi or cellular Data. 

Amateur radio operators have always been really good about adapting emerging technologies to expand their communications toolkit. Network Radio offers certain advantages over existing Amateur Radio communication technologies. Network Radio can offer the following advantages over other communications modes.

Advantages of Network Radio

1. Not range limited. The Zello system reaches world wide. 
2. The audio quality is superb. Usually no dropouts ,digital noise , or static unlike VHF, UHF, HF, D-Star, DMR, or C4FM.
3. Very reliable compared to traditional amateur radio communications technologies since communications are accomplished through the cellular data network and the internet. Basically a direct link between the radio users.
4. No expensive repeater system required for local amateur radio communications.
5. No complicated hotspots required. All you need is a cellular network connection or a Wi-Fi connection for a Network Radio to work.
6. Since Network Radio does not require a FCC license, unlicensed individuals can be added to the group if the need arises.
7. Equipment costs can be very inexpensive when compared to other communications methods.
8. No external antennas needed.
9. Easy to setup and use.
10. Non licensed radio hobbyist can be allowed into Amateur Radio channels to gain knowledge of Amateur Radio by interacting with licensed Amateurs. Hopefully to eventually become a licensed Amateur Radio Operator.
11. Can be used easily in mobile or outdoor environments since there is no need for external antennas.

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