Boxchip DMR Single Frequency Repeater DSR500


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* Supports standard DMR with dual-slot TDMA technology.
* With built-in compact structure design, the main body thickness is only 40mm and the weight is less than 2.5KG.
* The operatin panel is equipped with channel display, status indicators, channel buttons, audio interface and palm microphone interface for operation conveniently
*With RJ45 port ,Support IP internetwork.



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Frequency  136-174mhz, 400-470mhz
Channel Spacing 12.5kHz
modulation 4FSK
Channel Capacity 16
Display 1.8inch OLED display
Operating Voltage 13.8*(1±20%)VDC,16.8V(Lion Battery)
Operating Temperature -30℃ to +60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ to +85℃
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
Vocoder AMBE++
Battery 10AH+
Weight 2KG
Size 170mm*40mm*290mm
Sensitivity ≤-120dBm@BER5%
Adjacent Channel Selectivity ≥65dB@12.5kHz
Intermodulation Coexistence:≤-50dB,common address:≤-70dB
Spurious Response Rejection ≥70dB
Blocking ≥90dB
Co-channel Rejection ≥-12dB@BER<5%
Conducted Spurious Emission ≤-57dBm@9kHz to 1GHz(no transmission)
≤-47dBm@1GHz to 12.75GHz(no transmission)
Power Output 1-10W(adjustable)
4FSK Modulation Frequency Offset Error ≤10.0%
Spurious Emission ≤-36dBm@9kHz to 1GHz(transmission)
Maximum Modulation Limit ±2.5kHz
Adjacent Channel Power ≤-60dB(±12.5kHz)
Audio Distortion ≤3%