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Remember at the end of the day, that all Network Radios are basically a cheap Android Phone contained in an HT style form factor case. Network Radio HTs can vary greatly in quality and price. In this case quality and price does not necessarily go together. The average cost of a Network Radio HT in the US usually runs from $225 to $375. In some cases you might find that the $225 radio is superior to the $375. Another issue is no consistency in branding. You will often find the same Network Radio listed under different brand names listed for different price. Some models are even sold as "unbranded" units. Even though some of the radios look alike there may be slight differences between them. Of course this can make buying a Network Radio confusing and a bit of a gamble. Speaking of buying, this can also be a bit of a challenge. You won't find them sold from the typical US Amateur Radio vendors like Ham Radio Outlet or Gigaparts. However this may change. Ham Radio Outlet is now selling DMR radios long after they gained some popularity with US Amateur Radio operators. So most Network Radios have to be purchased from other sources like Ebay or other overseas companies. Unfortunately, it can take up to a month to get your radio from vendors in China. However, some of these companies can offer faster shipping. There are some Network Radios available on Amazon with fast shipping. Either way, you probably won't get much if any technical support. At least Amazon has a 30 day return policy.

Ok, what does all this have to do with Boxchip 700A. Boxchip is one of the few if not the only Network Radio vendor that is working to change some of the above issues. Boxchip is working toward establishing a brand that will be associated with good quality Network Radio devices. Boxchip is also one of the few companies to offer fast technical support on their products. Boxchips' support personal has been very prompt in answering questions regarding purchasing and general support. Boxchip also matins a Facebook page where you can ask questions and get some support questions answered there. Shipping from Boxchip was very fast. The radio was received with 4 days of placing the order. The Boxchip 700A and 700B are Boxchips' two flagship Network Radios. The major difference between the 700A and 700B is that the 700A contains a 2 watt VHF or UHF analogue and DMR transceiver where the 700B does not have the transceiver built in. So most of this review can be applied to the significantly less expensive 700B. Boxchip has just recently released two less expensive Network Radios The Sentinel A1 and the Buddy A2. Both of these radios will be retailing in the $250 price range. If these two new radios live up to the build quality of the 700 series they should be very good. Hopefully we will be able to review these radios sometime in the near future. Boxchip also sells several accessories that works with 700A and B models like drop in chargers, external speaker mic, extra batteries, etc at very reasonable prices. This also something you don't always see from other brands of Network Radios.

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